Rising Modern Jazz Artist Announces Her Next Tour

Here’s an artist to listen to during Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month.


Anastasia Gobot

She started her career during the pandemic and now Laufey is revitalizing jazz for Gen-Z. Her popularity shows no signs of stopping. Tickets for her “Everything I Know About Love” Tour are available now.

Anastasia Gobot, Staff Writer

There are many talented Asian artists today — Olivia Rodrigo, H.E.R., Bruno Mars and Mitski — whose work is dominating the music scene. But another prominent artist has lately been gaining traction.

Laufey (pronounced Lay-vay) is an Icelandic Chinese musician based in Los Angeles, but grew up moving between Reykjavík and Washington D.C. Her debut single “Street by Street” (2020) gained massive popularity and charted  #1 on Icelandic Radio. Ever since she has released her first EP, Typical of Me, as well as collaborations with the Philharmonia Orchestra, Adam Melchor and Dodie. Her music has caught the attention of contemporary artists such as Willow Smith, Billie Eilish and V of BTS.

Eight days following the official music video release on April 21, Laufey announced her “Everything I Know About Love” Tour on Instagram and Tik Tok, which will take place this fall. Her presale tickets for the Washington D.C. show nearly sold out in under 20 minutes; in less than a day, she had to add another date for one of her California shows as it had sold out immediately. The difficulty and panic caused by trying to buy tickets is a sure testament to her ever-growing success in the music industry.

She makes music for the hopeless romantics by combining classical sounds and iconic jazz influences. Her latest single “Everything I Know About Love” is no different. As Laufey’s first official music video, it portrays a dreamy spring romance involving a comedic love triangle. Many fans expressed their love for the new song on her recent Instagram Live and requested that she serenaded them. She gave in and performed a special acoustic version much to fans’ delight. “I had this idea to write a song kinda listing up all these things that people told me [what] love would be like growing up, like ‘Oh it’s like heaven’ and ‘It’s like roses’ and whatever. But I’ve never gotten to experience [it] so I was like ‘Okay, everything I know about love but I actually don’t know much at all,’” said Laufey.