How to Take the Perfect BeReal

Sometimes, it’s hard to be real


Madelynne Earhart

To truly be real, you must be yourself! No one wants a picture of your ceiling, make your post for the day visually interesting! The point of this app is to not pose or make yourself seem perfect, it’s to show what exactly you are doing in that moment and let that be enough.

Madelynne Earhart, Photo and Graphic Editor

In a world where social media is everywhere we turn, there is one app that forces us to truly tell a story in the one moment we have to share it. Even with this one moment though, it’s hard to know exactly what to do in order to “be real”. I see my own friends struggling with this as they post pictures of their ceiling and their forehead as if they’re replying to someone’s “streaks” on Snapchat. We can all struggle with being real, but here are some simple tips to help you get that perfect post in your 2 minute timeframe. 

The point of BeReal is not to be perfect. We have so many social media outlets out there that we feel like we need to put this show on to show how great our lives are. BeReal was created to stand up to that narrative. I need you to take a moment before starting your post for the day and take a breath and remember that you are not perfect, so your post doesn’t have to be.

I think as BeReal posts are being shared on other platforms, people are comparing themselves to those moments in time people are sharing. Maybe you think your life isn’t cool enough because everyone else is doing something interesting when they take their BeReal, I’m here to tell you, they probably waited to take their post until they were doing something cool. I know what you’re thinking, “But that’s not the point!” and I feel your frustration, because it’s not the point. Just because you and I know we shouldn’t act like our lives are perfect for social media, doesn’t mean everyone else has figured that life changing fact out yet. You can only control you, and you should know that BeReal is just another post for the void that is social media. So take those photos with both of your cameras and show the world the real you. 

Maybe being real to you means making a stupid face or just enjoying the moment you’re in with your friends. Whatever it means to you, just make sure you remember that the realest you can be, is just being yourself. Take this time when you get the notification to make your post to show a new side of you. Do you only use social media to show the good sides of yourself, or do you give glimpses of how you actually live life. Don’t give yourself entirely to the social media void, you are human, not a post. Give yourself a break from being perfect and just be you. Be the real you.