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DOA – EP Review

Eric George Lopez recently became famous for streaming his alternative hyperpop/digicore freestyles on TikTok under the name “ericdoa.” His newest project DOA is 23 minutes long and a truly unique listening experience.
Mitch Murray
According to, his official website, his debut EP Bleed Vol. 1 released in 2019 under Lopez’s original alias “Killeric.” Additionally, he is affiliated with emo-rap, trap, alternative rock and “danceable R&B.” After becoming famous for belting out the egregious phrase: “Imagine if Ninja got a low taper fade,” after having just spilled out his guts about his late grandfather, ericdoa even has high schoolers like junior Mitch Murray, who singsongingly uttered the phrase to his friends in group chats and showed off his impeccable jawline.

Although DOA released to streaming services Jan. 19 of this year, it is the perfect album to bump this Valentine’s Day nearly a month later; especially for fans with an aching heart and a curiosity to experiment with different genres. According to, the original DOA was actually released July 7 2019 “containing six tracks; a SoundCloud rap-esque EP,” with the sequel DOA2 released in early 2020.


Starting with “the cake is a lie,” the opening track, ericdoa’s tone establishes how the title is a euphemism for things not always turning out the way we want. 


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Crisis averted sweet nothings perfectly worded, I lied

Think I deserved it, but baby, you’ve been perverting my mind.


Next is “dancinwithsomebawdy”


Dancin with somebody please never remind me

That one point in my life I ever wanted you by me

She pretty, but she conniving, giant waste of my timin’

Always leaving me crying, some reason I like it


“bigassbearman” – While the title of the third track does not really make sense


They told me not to bite, baby I’ll proceed with caution

Last man was a lame, it’s a good thing that you dropped him

We can make it shake if you’re looking for a problem

You can play me like a fool ‘til you find out that I’m not one


“kickstand” opens with a complicated instrumental that manages to be groovy and chill simultaneously. ericdoa’s rapping style is more laidback at first and progressively becomes more energetic as he compares his relationship with this girl to a kickstand – a crutch. This song instantly grabbed my attention and quickly became one of my favorites on the set list. 


She wanna stay for the night

But I think that she gotta go

I end up changing my mind

I’d be stupid for sending you home


I got a rack on me, what’s up? 

Push up on me, girl, show me love

These boys don’t really think too much

Worried ‘bout me don’t give no f***”


Track five “paystub” has the most rowdy and explicit lyrics, but both verses have undeniably good flow 


I put wings on the coupe, we put them thangs out the roof

All you hear is bang, then a rang, pull his brain out his roots

MVP, boy, I never lose somehow he still ain’t make a move 

He tried to diss me on some pop sh**, I’ll still take you out your shoes


DOA stands for Dead On Arrival, as seen in the album cover, tying into the theme of death and postmortem acts.


“arm and a leg”


Shake the dead man’s hand, he’s a familiar face

I tend to swallow my sorrow, it’s a familiar taste

What is it that you want me to do?

Take your time, name your price, just give me something to choose and I’ll


According to, “this is a callback to one of Eric’s older songs ‘Dead Man’s Hand.’”


“lastjune” – This song begins and ends with the hook, concealing two verses to remind us that the story that is painted is not always as important as the tangible reality. 


I can’t keep cryin’ over

Dyin’ over

Something that just don’t seem right

I can’t keep fightin’ over

Hidin’ over

I wish you would pick my side




Apologies, hey, I’m sorry if I talk too much

I speak in circles, yeah no wonder why my tongue’s tied up

I’ve seen it all, there’s not a person I think I can judge

If you need somebody to lean on, girl, I’m the perfect crutch


These two are the sole tracks on the project that are not branded with the explicit lyrics tag. However, they still maintain high energy and are even worthy to enter into family friendly playlists. 


The penultimate track: “crisis actor” has a repeating hook that avoids becoming repetitive due to unique delivery and different assortments of booms 


“sweet tooth”


Doctor said I’m bad for you (You can tell a white lie)

Only had a few

I’m just doing what I have to do

You can pull me apart but I’m still half of you


Overall, DOA is a solid follow-up to ericdoa’s claim to fame and a select few songs have or will be added to my personal playlists after this article is live. It is an impressive collection and juxtaposition of glitchy, groovy beats that mesh well and highlight the vocals instead of fighting with them as many modern songs seem to do, often having issues with audio mixing.


Final score: 9/10

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