Homecoming Proposals

Students have creative ways of asking each other to the dance.

Matt Mangano, Features Editor

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Every autumn, students at SPHS get excited for homecoming, and the special school run events that come with it. Spirit week, the pep rally, and the dance itself are all tons of fun for students and staff alike, but one of the most exciting, and nerve-racking, parts is asking dates to the dance.

Here are some photos of this years best proposals.

“I’m really excited for the dance. It’s always a lot of fun,” Cambon said. Photo courtesy of Grace Cambon.

“I wanted to ask her in a funny way, and I think I did just that,” Kershaw said. Photo courtesy of Robby Kershaw.

“I was waiting for him to ask me for so long, but the cupcakes made up for it,” Holt said. Photo courtesy of Maryanne Holt.

“Daniel was waiting in my driveway after some of his friends told me to come outside. When I saw him I said, ‘Oh my god, yes!’ It was really sweet,” Wolfe said. Photo courtesy of Rebecca Cremmins.

“My friend Brad was a lot of help with asking her. I get nervous around girls,” Bredeck said. Photo courtesy of Diana Vincent.