Talon Takes New York City

Nine writers for the Talon travel to the Columbia Scholastic Press Association.

Matt Mangano, Features Editor

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The staff of the Talon waits for the subway to go to Columbia University. They rode the subway many times in the fashion of true New Yorkers.“It was really cool to feel like a true New Yorker” junior Colin DeFeo said.

The Library of Columbia University is a towering building. Constructed in 1895, the Low Memorial Library has been the focal point of this prestigious University for over a century. “The architecture in the campus is truly breathtaking. It was incredible to just walk around and take it all in,” senior Melanie Reynolds said.

While in New York City, the Talon was sure to take in some of the local landmarks. The 30 Rock building was one of the many places around Manhattan they visited. “Walking around the city was my favorite part of the trip,” senior Shelby Chasser said.