Moghtader Tennis Stars

Tennis-playing sisters who are close on and off the court.

Greer Long, News Editor

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Abby Moghtader

Miriam Moghtader
Sisters Miriam and Abby Moghtader are tennis stars who play the sport year-round. Both girls have been playing tennis since they were only five years old. “This tennis season I’m hoping to accomplish another undefeated season filled with hard work and a lot of fun from our close team,” Miriam Moghtader said.

Miriam Moghtader

The SPHS tennis team is having a successful season so far, continuing its undefeated record from last year. Junior Miriam Moghtader and senior Abby Moghtader are not only sisters, but key players that have helped the team achieve its many wins.

Miriam began playing tennis when she was just five years old, introduced to the sport by her parents who have been playing for most of their lives. “My mom played tennis at Tufts [University] and she taught my dad a little bit,” she said.

Miriam plays girls number one singles and occasionally doubles depending on the opponent. Although she is extremely versatile, Miriam prefers the singles position because she does not have to rely on anyone else to win the match. “It’s a lot less stressful and I get to hit more balls than I would in doubles. I’ve always loved being alone on the court,” she said. Miriam’s favorite aspect of tennis is the fact that it is a lifelong sport, so she will continue to play for many years to come. “Even when I have kids of my own I’ll be able to play tennis with them,” she said. Outside of SPHS, Miriam plays tennis year-round at Chartwell Golf & Country Club and Sport Fit Bowie. It is still undecided whether Miriam will continue to play in college or not, but she would undoubtedly enjoy playing on a Division III team. “This tennis season I’m hoping to accomplish another undefeated season filled with hard work and a lot of fun from our close team,” she said.

Abby Moghtader has been playing tennis for most of her life, beginning when she was only five years old. The girls began playing the sport because their mom played in college, so it was a sport they could easily learn. “My mom would take us out to our community tennis courts and coach me and Miriam a little everyday,” she said. Although Abby usually plays singles, she has been trying girls doubles along with mixed doubles this season. “Sometimes when you’re playing singles it feels like all the pressure is on you and it’s more nerve-racking but during doubles having a partner helps relieve all that stress,” she said. Abby’s favorite part of tennis is how she will be able to play it throughout her entire life. “When you get older some sports are a little harder to play, but you can stick with tennis for a while,” she said. When she is not playing for SPHS, Abby plays tennis at local clubs such as Chartwell Golf & Country Club. Abby is committed to play Division III tennis University of Mary Washington, in Fredericksburg, Virginia. “This year I’m definitely hoping to continue the undefeated season and win states in any one of our positions,” she said.