Hoco on a Budget

How to have a magical night without breaking the bank.


Anna Marcoon

This fall, the SPHS homecoming dance will be on Oct. 19. Many girls have already found dresses for the exciting night. “I had an idea to see if they were on this app I had called Poshmark… I ended up finding a dress for half the price it used to be,” senior Miriam Moghtader said.

Greer Long , Editor-In-Chief

As the fall season begins and homecoming rolls around, students all over the nation stress about the big night; what they are going to wear, how they are going to do their makeup and most of all, the expenses that come with these plans. School dances can often result in unnecessary spending, so here are a few tips to have an unforgettable night without breaking the bank.

The Outfit: There seems to be an imaginary obligation for girls to buy strictly name-brand dresses; however, this could not be further from the truth. Whether your dress costs $20 or $200, nobody is going to be able to tell the difference. There are many different options for getting your hands on a gorgeous, inexpensive dress, one of them being online thrift stores. Websites such as Tradesy and thredUP along with apps such as Vinted and Poshmark give customers the chance to buy lightly used clothing items for a portion of the original price.

“I had an idea to see if they were on this app I had called Poshmark… I ended up finding a dress for half the price it used to be,” senior Miriam Moghtader said. However, if you are the type of person who likes to try things on before committing to purchase, the tried-and-trusted sale section at stores like Nordstrom and Macy’s has yet to disappoint.

Shoes & Accessories: Just like dresses, there are endless jewelry and shoe options, whether they are from a used clothing site or the clearance rack. Although they are small, shoes and accessories can make or break an outfit, so finding the right items to compliment your dress is essential. Buying a dress and homecoming ticket is already expensive enough, so why pay for the minor details? One of your best options is to borrow. Borrow from a sibling, borrow from a friend, borrow from someone you aren’t even friends with; what matters is finding someone whose outfit you like (perhaps ones they have worn in previous years) and asking nicely if they will let you wear it. 

Hair and Makeup: Doing your own hair and makeup is an extremely hard skill to master, so many girls opt to get it professionally done. Although your eye shadow must look fabulous and your curls voluminous, paying for a hairstyle and makeover can add up to hundreds of dollars. A few methods to solve this problem include having a friend or family member perfect your look, or simply teaching yourself how to do it. Resources such as Instagram and YouTube are very helpful for learning new hairstyles and makeup skills.

“I first learned how to do makeup from watching YouTube videos… now I do all my friends’ makeup for homecoming and other events,” senior Micayla Sloat said.