Be Safe And Help The Planet!

Use reusable masks made by Severna Park locals at the farmers market.



In these past few months, people have been wearing masks more than ever. COVID-19 has forced everyone across the world to wear masks when needed. A new problem has arisen from this, mask pollution. “I’m here every Saturday to sell reusable masks. I sold almost 50 today, and I’m happy I can make profit helping the environment.” Junior Ellie Heath said.

Bella Boettinger, Staff Writer

During the pandemic, almost everyone has made it routine to wear masks wherever they go someplace. However, there is a problem with wearing a non reusable mask. According to The Guardian, there are more masks than jellyfish in the ocean due to COVID-19. As a whole, people must be more considerate of where they place their masks, and what types of masks they should use. It’s not only masks either, people are using plastics to fight off the virus such as sanitizer bottles and much more. Because of this excess use of plastic products conservationists are worried that the ocean will face a new surge of pollution.

Thankfully there are solutions on how to be safe and environmentally friendly.  Buy reusable masks. 

There are many places to get these types of masks including the Severna Park Farmers Market which is open every Saturday morning. Buying masks from this location will support a small business and benefit the Earth. Junior Ellie Heath has a small business of selling denim jackets and masks as well. She is does the same thing of of producing reusable masks to help others be safe in style.

The second eco-friendly option is to buy non plastic hand sanitizer bottles. Yes they are a thing, they come in metal bottles that are reusable, and best of all, they don’t end up in landfills. A brand called humankind makes hand sanitizers which have 65% alcohol, which meets the CDC antiseptic standards. It is important that we take these extra steps to be safe and not add anymore pollution to our oceans due to the coronavirus.

Do your part to help.