Double T Diner Review

Big name chain restaurants cannot compete with the enjoyable experience of eating at the Double T Diner.


Photo Courtesy of Double T Diner

Located in Pasadena, the Double T Diner is enjoyed by countless numbers of customers and is frequently returned to. Family-owned and with homemade meals, the diner has always been a beloved place to enjoy meals and spend time with loved ones.

Lilly Spilker, Staff Writer

With a great menu and amazing atmosphere, the family owned restaurant has served as the perfect traditional diner for over 50 years, rightfully so. 

Just one look at the establishment in Pasadena will make you want to spend time there, with its aesthetically pleasing appearance and welcoming entrance. Walking in, you will be warmly greeted and pleased to see that the picturesque diner ambience comes full circle. The atmosphere feels like one of a 60s movie, but not over the top, with blue-and-white booth seating, a long breakfast bar, and an open feel. You might notice the soft music in the background, happy chatter of Double T customers, and the light laughter of the staff.

You will also be pleased to learn that the very large menu does not let down. Just about every food you can imagine hoping for is on this menu, all homemade. Not every single meal is perfect, but most things you order will be better than you can hope for. As many people would expect, Thai-style calamari probably is not the best food to order from a diner like this, but it is up to you. However, just about any food that you were expecting to eat at the Double T Diner is spectacular. From chocolate chip pancakes to chicken parmigiana subs, you will never run out of tasty meals and treats to eat at Double T. Whatever you’re craving, this place will be ready. 

Another amazing aspect of this diner is the marvelous prices. A large meal costs about $10, compared to a Breakfast Shoppe meal which costs about $15.

The service is one more thing that never disappoints at Double T. The waiters and waitresses, who are nothing but pleasant and friendly, really contribute to the experience. They are extremely helpful and have a profound knowledge of the menu, recommending their favorite dishes, and even implying some that you might not love eating. The food came out very fast, and so did the check.

Something that people might not be used to is that you pay for your meal and tip at a front desk near the entrance. It is barely an inconvenience at the most, and is most likely more efficient for the restaurant. 

You will not meet many people who have had a negative experience at the Double T Diner, it is a great place to be. The diner at 1 Mountain Road is never empty, even at 9 PM; People just can’t stay away from Double T.