Internships as Students

What do the internships SPHS students have look like?


SPHS students have the opportunity to intern at dozens of different businesses and organizations in their senior year. They have to fulfill a required number of hours during the year to get credit, so it becomes a staple during their last year of high school. But many students pick a field they are interested in and could potentially lead to their future career. “I’m debating between physical therapy, chiropractic, and dentistry,” senior Carina Zelaya said. Her internship at a chiropractor’s office gives her the opportunity to learn about her field of interest, which is exactly the goal of the student internships.

Sarah Sternhagen, Staff Writer

In their senior year, SPHS students can apply to internships at a business to get extra learning experience. From the medical field to law, there’s many different kinds of internships available for any interest a student may have. 

This year, senior Carina Zelaya works at a chiropractor’s office in Baltimore, “At my internship I work with a doctor,” Zelaya said. “Although I can’t treat patients myself, I observe what’s going on.” 

Because internships are more learning based than a complete job, Zelaya focuses on taking in as much as she can from the practice. “I understand how to work the adjusting tables and certain techniques that chiropractors use,” Zelaya said. She also must study anatomy and how major structures in the human body work, primarily the spine.

In order to have time for their internships, seniors must have a half schedule. “I spend maybe 30 hours a week,” Zelaya said. “As soon as second period ends I get back home, get ready into a uniform which is scrubs, and I head off.” 

Zelaya’s interest in the medical field started because her mother is a chiropractor. “I’ve always been interested in the medical field,” Zelaya said. “So I decided to apply for a chiropractic internship just to explore more.”

Another senior at an internship this year is Frederick Cobb, who interns at a law firm. He helps scan documents and splits them up into the different cases for the lawyers to use, “I usually spend about 20 hours a week [at the internship],” Cobb said. “It’s not that hard to balance just because I have a half schedule.”

Similar to Zelaya, Cobb had a family member who initially got him interested in the internship. His sister worked at the internship before him, “She said it was a good experience for her, and I just wanted work experience before I went off to college,” Cobb said. 

An internship can help students boost their resume, or application to college. It can also add valuable insight to a career they may be considering, either to entice them or leave another door open for them to pursue in the future. These factors contribute to the large number of students that apply for internships, but it’s also important they keep in mind their interests.

“Do something that you like,” Cobb said, “Make sure it’s something that you’re interested in.”

“If [students] apply for an internship, definitely make sure it matches your interests,” Zelaya said. “It’s something that you will do year round so if you’re really confident…I would definitely apply for an internship, but if you’re still a little unsure I wouldn’t consider that.”

Internships are a big choice for rising seniors to consider. A half schedule is a must for the number of hours you have to put into them, as well as the interest and drive to learn from the environment. Any junior considering applying for an internship should take the time to consider what they want their senior year to be like.