Reflecting on Severna Park’s First Semester Back to Normal

After going through virtual and hybrid school, it was an adjustment for Severna Park students to get back to ‘normalcy.’


Paige Savani

School last year was anything but normal, but Falcon students finally returned to the classrooms this semester. Many are enjoying the high school experience that they have continuously hoped for. “This semester was very fun,” junior Liv Tramontana said. “I was able to get back to learning in person and could play sports and do projects and activities with my friends. It felt like normal.”

Lilly Spilker, Sports Editor

Many students had mixed feelings about returning to regular learning and a normal school schedule this year, and are now looking back on their first semester back. There were some Falcons who enjoyed the flexibility of virtual learning and the low difficulty of classes. Conversely, many missed seeing their peers everyday and getting help in-person. 


“This year I was excited to see my friends and see teachers in person, and to actually learn more,” junior Liv Tramontana said. “Because we had been online for so long.”


For many, getting back to a pre-COVID-19 routine was highly anticipated. “I felt relieved to have school in person this year because I was able to see my friends and get back to a kind of normal life,” junior Maddy Goger said. “We’re finally learning school in a normal way and living out important high school experiences.”


COVID restrictions have limited these important high school experiences and fun moments. “It was so fun this semester to socialize and have school and go to lunch, just doing normal things,” Goger said. “Everyone’s enjoying being together. Going to sports games like football and basketball has been exciting.”


The transition away from virtual school was difficult for some students. Some had developed unhealthy working habits, while the majority of students working online put in less effort and didn’t prioritize school as much as previous years.


“I would say it was a difficult adjustment academically this year,” Goger said. “When you’re at home, it’s a lot easier to just not try so hard. You’re in your bed and not going to real class. It was difficult to come back this year and be focused all day, and junior year is already especially challenging.”


There were some changes to the school schedule that benefited students, such as Falcon Block and advisory everyday. These changes allowed for more time to study. “Falcon Block has been really helpful this semester,” Tramontana said. “There is a lot more work this year compared to last year, and it just gives me extra time to get things done.” 


It was a big shift for many students this semester but the changes to a more normal life were primarily positive for most Falcon students. “It was a successful semester for me,” Tramontana said. “I was able to get back into the swing of things, and it felt like I was learning more and working harder.”