The Student Behind the Lights

Junior Ashley Falk sheds light on her role as SPHS Lighting Director.


Ashley Falk

Ashley Falk has been a part of the theater community for many years before she entered Severna Park High School. Now as lighting director, Falk has gained a lot of responsibility and joy out of having a leadership role in each production, one in which she hopes to hand over to another young student when she graduates. “I would recommend [that] anyone after me should not be afraid to take charge,” Falk said. “There needs to be a leader in the department and it really helps everything to run smoothly.”

Sydney Herz, Editor-In-Chief

People come far and wide to watch each of SPHS’s theater productions, whether that be fall musicals or Rock N’ Roll Revival. They stay for the performers but come back for the unforgettable sets, lights and music. What many don’t realize is that there are so many students behind the scenes that work very hard together to make these productions come alive. One such student is junior Ashley Falk, lighting director at SPHS. Being a junior, Falk has the ability to teach newcomers how to operate the lights for each production. Her job entails programming and designing the lights, but comes with so much more. 

“I like having [the] creative freedom of being able to design acts for RnR,” Falk said. “I also like being someone people can go to if they’re confused on how to do anything in the lighting department.”

With this freedom comes immense responsibility. Falk must make sure each actor or performer is seen at the correct time on stage from all seats in the audience. Not only does this require incredible precision, but it also requires a lot of practice and experience. Luckily, having done this job throughout her high school career and being a part of the theater community since she was in middle school, Falk knows her way around an auditorium pretty well. And she’s not alone in her work; she works alongside the directors of each production to make sure they check all the necessary boxes for the show to be unforgettable and unique. 

“I work with the director to bring his vision to life,” Falk said. “I check with him to make sure he likes what I’ve done and change it if he doesn’t.”

Even with the many perks and opportunities that come with this job, Falk’s favorite part remains her ability to create relationships with others and teach them about the magic of stage lights. With one year left in this job, Falk is soaking up every minute she is part of the SPHS theater department and plans to use what she has learned over the years in her future. 

“I will definitely use the leadership skills I’ve gained from this in my future job,” Falk said. “I’ve learned how to help others and work through tough situations which will [also] be helpful in my future career.”

With Rock N’ Roll Revival around the corner, Falk is busy programming and planning the lighting for each night of the show. When you come to the production and see your friend, sibling or child on stage, remember that it is only possible due to the students behind the lights.