Basketball Season Has Begun

With this year’s season underway, players on the Falcons basketball team are eager to show the county what they are made of.



The Falcons are looking forward to proving themselves during this basketball season. “I’m excited for the season because of all the hard work we put in during the off-season. I hope it pays off when it matters most,” senior Michael Carparelli said.

Stella Bordone, Staff Member

Last season, the boys basketball team ended with an overall record of 15 wins and 8 losses. After the team lost last year in the region semi-finals to North Point, they are eager to make it further. Losing top players like Declan Fox, Anthony Bocchetta, and Bryce Stevenson could put the team in tough positions, but junior Liam Cleary is confident they will succeed.


“We lost a lot of key players, but that shouldn’t be a problem,” Cleary said. “I am excited for this season because our team chemistry is really good and we want to show people that Severna Park is a basketball school.”


Senior Rian Sherwin also has high hopes for the upcoming season. “I think the season is going to go well,” Sherwin said. “We have a great group of guys and chemistry to help us win games. In order to have a successful season we need to stick to our game plans and listen to our coaches.”


The boys basketball team has a new head coach this year. Coach Young has been the Falcons assistant coach for over 20 years. He contributes assets to the team that will better their play, like strengthening the defensive side of their game.


“It is good having a coach fill in the role we already know,” Cleary said. “We will run the same plays, but our defense will really stand out because of Coach Young.” 


Playing smart is a big factor to winning these close games. Although the Falcons lack the height advantage, they successfully out smart their opponents and are able to play their own game.


The Falcons have already had scrimmages to prepare for the real deal. Wise, a very impressive team who goes far into championships every year, was their first scrimmage. The score reset every quarter, and the Falcons pulled out a win in the fourth quarter. On Tuesday, December 6, the Falcons played Great Mills and were up 19-2 after the first quarter. Unfortunately, they ended up losing by 8.


With the season just beginning, boys basketball has plenty of room to grow and build team connections. The players are hopeful and eager to achieve success this upcoming season. Come and support boys basketball.