Senior Stress

Preparing for events throughout the end of senior year can be overwhelming.


Severna Park High School is helping our future thrive. “Severna Park has really nice schools. I really enjoy being in Severna Park High School. I enjoy it because it offers a lot of opportunities and has many great clubs. -Ellie Rick ‘24

Lilly Spilker, Co-Editor in Chief

The end of high school is quickly approaching for seniors at SPHS, and this brings about many mixed emotions, as some are excited for new beginnings while others are sad to leave high school behind. Another emotion that many seniors feel right now is stress. While many twelfth graders have a lighter schoolwork load than other grades, they have other things to worry about as they finish off their high school career.

Severna Park’s prom is only a month away, and there’s a lot of stress that comes with preparing for this special night. It seems to have creeped up on students, with May 13 just around the corner, so seniors have many things to map out in the coming weeks.

One of the most important decisions to make for prom is finding the perfect outfit to wear for the occasion. Some people are more worried about their attire than others, with many girls trying on numerous dresses before finding the perfect one. 

Finding dates is another aspect of prom that causes stress for seniors. It is perfectly okay to attend the dance solo, but a large handful of people worry about trying to have a date for prom. It’s simple for those who are already in a relationship, or some who can easily pair up with someone, but finding or choosing a date can be a very stressful and confusing process for others. Asking someone to prom or getting asked to prom can be nerve wracking as well.

Some other factors to take into consideration before prom include locations for pictures, hair and makeup ideas, plans for before and after, planning limos/party buses, and buying boutonnieres.

Once prom is out of the way, seniors will have graduation soon after. There is not as much personal planning that goes into this event, although students do have to think about outfits, parties, and other plans. Graduation brings stress to many seniors because this means that they will be headed towards new beginnings, whether attending college or not. Leaving the comfort of home and high school with their loved ones behind often leads to a sense of worrying and uneasiness.

After graduation, seniors will head to Senior Week in Ocean City just a few days later. This will undoubtedly be a very fun trip, but seniors have to worry about some things right now in preparation for the experience. Students must worry about arranging places to stay and who to stay with, along with payments and other factors.

The last marking period is arguably one of the most fun and impactful parts of senior year, but it’s important to remember that some stress does come along with this excitement.