Mamma Mia! Dances its Way into SPHS

Cast members prepare to show off their hard work in this year’s fall production.

Katrina Schultz
Mamma Mia! is one of the most successful fall productions in the school’s history, thanks to the large number of talented students who participate in every facet of the show. The lighting, sets, makeup, microphones, band, and more were put together by students. “The cast is amazing, and combined with the band, lights, and set, it makes the musical fantastic,” said senior Jack Benedict.

Carey Cameron, Managing Editor

This year, the SPHS Drama Company will be presenting the much anticipated Mamma Mia! as its fall production. The musical, created around songs by the Swedish pop group ABBA, tells the story of Sophie Sheridan, who is about to get married. Upon reading her mother (Donna Sheridan)’s diary, she discovers her three possible fathers and invites them all to her wedding in hopes she will have her real dad walk her down the aisle.

Sophie is played by junior Sarah Kalafos. “She’s a 20 year old hopeless romantic that is engaged to the love of her life. She has a good relationship with her mom, but has a chip on her shoulder that she has never been told who her father is,” said Kalafos of her part. Senior Abby Burns plays a somewhat different part. She plays Rosie, one of Donna’s friends and bandmates. “She really serves as the comedic relief for the show and she is super goofy in general, but she’s actually extremely accomplished in her own life,” said Burns. Both Burns and Kalafos had to rehearse almost everyday after school for their parts, but they both agreed that it payed off in the end. “I didn’t mind them at all because I love what I do, so I actually enjoyed every minute of practice I put into the show,” said Burns.

Many cast members are also involved in behind-the-scenes work. One of Sophie’s possible dads, Sam Carmichael, is played by senior Jack Benedict. In the past, Benedict has played in the band for the fall musical as well as for the ever-popular Rock ‘n’ Roll Revival. In addition to his lead role, he is also the student music director for Mamma Mia!. “The transition from band to cast has been easier than I thought. I thought I would feel a lot more pressure but I don’t,” Benedict said. Sophomore Lucy Feldman is part of the show’s vocal ensemble, but she is also one of the chairs of the publicity committee. It is the committee’s responsibility to promote the show in creative ways, including the promotional video, Instagram, and through newspaper articles. “I never saw myself getting into the technical side of theater, but now that I am, I love it. Being publicity chair really helped me to find my own niche within the cast and made me feel more devoted to the show,” said Feldman.

Mamma Mia! has two more performances, Friday Nov. 16 and Saturday Nov. 17, at  7 p.m. Tickets will be sold at the door at the auditorium or online at