SGA Superhero

Get to know a familiar face from around SPHS.


Carey Cameron, Managing Editor

You probably have seen his face. He was at pep rally, clad in white and holding a walkie talkie, controlling the action from behind the scenes. That guy is junior Jared Smith, Student Government Association (SGA) Ambassador. “I like SGA because it makes me feel like I’m making a difference on a school-side scale and doing things the student body actually cares about,” Smith said.

SGA is an organization that works to plan such events like homecoming, pep rally, and spirit week. Any student can be a a part of the organization. “My favorite part [of SGA] is probably pep rally because everybody gets hype. You can feel the energy of all 1500 of us packed into one room just having a blast: competing, playing games, and seeing people perform,” Smith said.

Smith is one of the people who helps to make everything happen throughout the week leading up to homecoming. He makes sure people are in the right place at the right time, that everything is perfectly set up and runs smoothly. Every little thing that happens at those fun events for students, probably happens because of the work of SGA. Since anyone can be involved in the organization, Smith recommends that more students should join. “Students should get involved because we plan such fun things like homecoming and pep rally. The best part is getting to see your friends and classmates enjoy the stuff you’ve put hard work into and it’s also really nice to work with a team of passionate students,” he said.

Besides SGA, Smith is also very active in the theater community, where he was recently in Mamma Mia! as a dancer. He also has been in the One Act Play festival every year. “I like it because there’s always a great group of kids doing it, so I can make friends and meet new people. The shows are always great, so it’s cool to watch everyone enjoy it,” Smith said.

One of the most difficult events to plan every year by the Student Government Association is pep rally. This year’s pep rally was the second one in the new school, and was carefully thought out by SGA members, including junior Jared Smith. “Pep rally is my favorite event we plan. It takes a lot of work, but it really pays off in the end,” Smith said.