Bobby Davids: The Epitome of Summer

Hawaii native, Robert Scott Davids, thrives in the sunshine.

Matt Mangano, Features Editor

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Photo by Shelby Chasser
Senior Bobby Davids and I eat at Donut Shack on the weekend. Davids spends much of his time supporting local businesses. “I feel that shopping at small businesses is truly my sole contribution to society,” Davids said.

Photo by Matt Mangano
Senior Bobby Davids patrols the Severn River as a lifeguard at Round Bay Main Beach. He maintained a confident and positive attitude all summer and made a bond with the recurring swimmers. “I do it for the kids who just want to love the water as much as I do,” Davids said.

Photo by Matt Mangano
Senior Bobby Davids paddleboards on the Severn River at sunset. He has had lots of time on the water to discover his true self and contemplate life. “It’s me on the outside, but it feels like I am controlled by Morgan Freeman-like earthworms on the inside,” Davids said conclusively.

You probably will not recognize him if or when you see him, because he is pretty average in every way.  It is rare to find senior Bobby Davids outside of his natural habitat- the Severn River. “I like to swim,” Davids said. Practically everyday from as soon as it gets warm until the brisk winds of autumn are unleashed, Davids can be found at Round Bay Main Beach.

He went swimming for the first time this season in early April, when the water was still literally breathtaking at just 48 degrees.

Davids is a river lifeguard and the head coach of the Round Bay swim team along with senior Georgia Marriner, which practices in the Severn River as well. “Our motto is ‘Any fool can swim in the pool,” Davids said.

I do it for the kids who just want to love the water as much as I do.”

— Bobby Davids

The swim team is more relaxed than most traditional pool swim teams. There are only three practices a week, and they start at noon, instead of the usual grueling early morning practices. But despite this calm demeanor, the competition is still fierce. Round Bay’s biggest rival, Sherwood Forest, has consistently beaten them in meets that take place every weekend in the summer, but Round Bay remains hopeful and continues to practice hard.

After summer tragically comes to an end, Davids will be flying across country to attend college and University of California, San Diego. “Right now, I’m just hoping to pass AP Biology,” Davids joked.