The New Boba Favorite

A review of Severna Parks new bubble tea restaurant


Sarah Sternhagen

Here you see one of the build-your own poke bowls. This one had tuna, rice, edamame, scallions, white rice, spicy mayo, eel sauce and sesame seeds. Next to it is the Lychee green fruit tea with boba. Not only is the food great, but it’s a simple and speedy service

Sarah Sternhagen, Co-Editor in Chief

Since opening this summer, Taichi has exploded in popularity. Offering boba, ramen, bowls, sushi burritos and more the place was slammed on its opening day and the popularity isn’t going away anytime soon. Which is well deserved. 

If you haven’t had boba yet, definitely try it. The milk or fruit tea combined with tapioca pearls both tastes good and is outright fun to drink. If you want a milky tea, go for it and try the original, or even honeydew if you want something a bit sweeter. But if milk tea isn’t your thing, don’t worry, the fruit teas are a lot lighter but still pack a lot of flavor. Go with strawberry if you like sweet drinks, and peach if you want something tangy with a kick to it.

For the food, try the ramen. I can’t think of any other place I’ve gone to in Severna Park that both had ramen on the menu, and I wanted to order it again. But Taichi? Whether you get the miso or pork based broth with whichever protein you want, you’re going to find something you like about it. My go to is the miso broth with beef because the flavor is there in every bite. The toppings are also amazing, the spring onions stay crunchy even in the steaming hot broth, not to mention the scallions, corn and soft boiled egg. Let the egg soak in the broth before you eat it, trust me. The noodles themselves are wonderfully bouncy and I wish I could eat them all day. Of course, the other ramen options are also amazing, so try a few different combinations of broth and protein to find which one you like the best.

Taichi doesn’t only serve ramen though, it also has a choice of bowls and sushi burritos. They give you the option of building your own or choosing a suggested combination. I personally always go for the Taichi Sushi Burrito because the first time I tried it, I fell in love with it. It has white rice, crab sticks, salmon, avocado, corn, edamame, tamago, spicy mayo and eel sauce. And as someone who’s normally against spicy foods, the spicy mayo has so much flavor in it and is much more subtle about its spice than the more in-your-face flavors. Though I have heard from my friends that the spicy tuna is like that, so if you like spice, go for it.

Anything you can get in a sushi burrito you can get in the poke or salad bowls. Rice, shrimp, tuna, cucumber, corn, pineapple, wasabi, sesame seeds and even more. And going off what my friends tell me about the poke-bowls, they’re a hit. Not only are they delicious but because of the ingredients being either a protein or mostly vegetables with sauce, it often ends up being a healthy meal. Something I’m more than happy to tell myself with a full belly.

Even if you’ve never tried boba, ramen or any of the other things offered at Taichi it’s definitely worth a visit just to try. Go for the tapioca pearls the first time, pick whichever ramen sounds the best and combine whatever looks good for the sushi burritos and bowls. I guarantee there’ll be something you like.