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Is It Worth It?

May 24, 2017

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At Severna Park High School, it’s getting easier to spot students with inked skin. In Maryland, a minor is permitted to get a tattoo if they have consent from their parents. Maryland legislation prevents anyone under the age of 16 to be t...

Breakfast for the Morning Rush

April 4, 2017

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It is 6:30 a.m. in the morning on Monday; you hit snooze a few too many times and now you are running late for school. The bus arrives in five minutes and you are still packing your bag, so you do what most students would, yo...

Forever Franchises: Why your favorite blockbusters may be poisoning cinema

November 16, 2016

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On Sept. 9, “Captain America: Civil War” was released on Blu-Ray and DVD, to the delight of many fans. Receiving praise from both fans and critics, “Civil War” was happily accepted as Captain America’s third solo movie...

Myths and Misconceptions of Mental Illness

September 12, 2016

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Mental illness, though seemingly elusive to much of the population, is hardly a rare phenomenon. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), 18.2 percent of the adult population in America...

Gun Violence in the USA, 2016 (So Far)

March 9, 2016

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In January 2016, this nation witnessed 22 people meet their end at the barrel of a gun.  Overall, not a massive number.  In fact, it’s even better than last year. January 2015 saw 38 people dead, but 2014’s January beats...

Opinion: What is Fan Fiction and has it gone too far?

February 12, 2016

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Fan fiction is defined by Stephen Downes of (an Irish news source) as “any work which embellishes, alters or rewrites the work of another (usually a published author) with new storylines, characters, alternative...

Is Goodwill actually doing Good? (Opinion)

December 25, 2015

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Goodwill is a well-known shopping destination for many: whether you're on a tight budget or just seeking some thrifty finds. Goodwill essentially operates on charity-- others donate unwanted, used items, which the organization...

Empty Seat PSA

December 5, 2015

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By Daniel Gvozden, SPHS Class of 2004 While I currently live in Los Angeles, make no mistake, I always have and always will call Severna Park my home. You never forget the places that help shape your life and inspire...

Gluten: Friend or Foe?

November 30, 2015

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Dieting, especially in the time of puberty, insecurity, and peer pressure which high school is so famous for, is extremely popular. Losing that extra pound seems worth the loss of all substances save tomato juice. With the spr...

Planned Parenthood: Stand with PP or Defund?

October 28, 2015

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#IStandWithPP by Josee Molavi | Online Editor I am a proud supporter of Planned Parenthood, the non-profit leading provider of women’s with reproductive health services. I am a proud supporter Planned Parenthood, de...

XXX: The Dangers of Pornography

October 28, 2015

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XXX               On May 19, 2015, news rooms blew up as it was revealed that “19 Kids and Counting” star Josh Duggar molested five underage girls in his teen years, two of whom were his own sisters. On Au...

National Honor Society: Does it measure up?

October 26, 2015

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National Honor Societies that are focused around specific subjects: Rho Kappa, the social studies honor society, and Quill and Scroll, the journalism honor society, are viewed at a much higher caliber than the standard National Honor Societ...

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