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More Break for Your Buck

November 16, 2016

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Severna Park students lucked out this year in multiple ways. Not only will they have a new school after the winter break, they will also get two to four extra days to sleep in. Moving from the old school will be the biggest transition...

Why you should volunteer at Kinder Farm’s Fall Festival

October 7, 2016

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It’s that time of the year again when you get to carve pumpkins, make scarecrows, and see all the animals at Kinder Farm’s Fall Festival. The festival offers a variety of fun activities, such as face painting, making scarecrows out of fl...

Myths and Misconceptions of Mental Illness

September 12, 2016

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Mental illness, though seemingly elusive to much of the population, is hardly a rare phenomenon. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), 18.2 percent of the adult population in America...

Ellie’s Bus Organization Raises Suicide Awarness

March 26, 2016

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This past November, the Severna Park community lost junior Ellie Leikin to suicide. Ellie is remembered as a loving and free spirited girl, as well as a great friend. According to her family, there were no signs that she was...

Gluten: Friend or Foe?

November 30, 2015

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Dieting, especially in the time of puberty, insecurity, and peer pressure which high school is so famous for, is extremely popular. Losing that extra pound seems worth the loss of all substances save tomato juice. With the spr...

Let’s Talk: Climate Change

October 27, 2015

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The Talon 2014-2015: CSPA Gold Medalist

October 27, 2015

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Congratulations to the 2014-2015 Talon editing staff for earning a GOLD MEDAL from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association. Editor in Chiefs:       Sara Henke, Kelly Parisi Business and Managing Editor:  Tori Blanke ...

The Syrian Refugees Need Your Help

October 22, 2015

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The Syrian refugee crisis is an event effecting the world around us, whether we are aware of it or not. With half the population of Syria displaced by the civil war, it is important that those who are able to help do all they can. The problem with assistin...

Should it Stay or Should it Go? The Argument Over Minimum Wage

September 25, 2015

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Currently the minimum wage is set at $8.25 across America, but in recent years many have supported a raise in minimum wage, taking the national spotlight when President Obama addressed it in his State of the Union Address in January...

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