Promising Season Ahead for Falcon Football

With four wins under their belt, Severna Park Football is building their confidence.


The Falcons enjoyed a winning Covid-19 season last spring and have won all four of their games this season. They look forward to winning more games and having a successful season. “Our first game was probably one of the most memorable moments, leading up to it after Covid,” kicker Trey Smack said. “Opening up with a win.”

Lilly Spilker, Sports Editor

After a short spring season last year, the Falcons have gotten off to a hot start. There were only three games last season due to Covid-19, but Severna Park still came out undefeated. The Falcons have brought that winning energy into their season this year as well. 


Severna Park Football has defeated all four of their opponents so far, only being scored on in their most recent game against Chesapeake. They beat Meade 45-0, Crofton 41-0, North County 39-0 and Chesapeake 36-17. The stats show a promising future for Severna Park this season and the players seem to agree. 


“I feel very confident,” Senior Captain and University of Florida commit Trey Smack said. “We’re probably going to win every game.” 


Although there are many things that contribute to making this season unique, team chemistry is deeply valued by many players and allows these wins to happen more often and feel more special. 


“I think the team chemistry makes a difference in the game outcomes 100%, especially after every game we do team bonding,” junior Daniel Stack said. “We go to dinners [and] it’s just a great experience.”


“There is way better chemistry this year because we know all the players really well after playing together for a long time,” junior Bret Boeskin said. “Everyone knows how to work together and we move efficiently and execute plays better.”


Another important value for the Falcons is commitment. They are coached to play all in, giving everything they have no matter what. 


“We really believe in dedication and leaving our heart on the field every game,” senior Brock Mccubbin said.


Applying these values to their play, the Falcons go into games confident and aggressive, getting the job done one play at a time. Along with being dedicated and focused, Severna Park Football likes to have fun. It is wonderful for the players to have a stadium full of fans after missing out on that for almost two years.


“A memorable moment for me this season was definitely beating Crofton,” Stack said. “It was a packed stadium, so especially after Covid, it was fun to play.”


While looking back on fun memories from this season is great, the Falcons are positive about the future. The players are enthusiastic about earning more wins and hopefully reaching the playoffs.