Parks Teaching in the Park

Karah Parks recently started teaching at SPHS and enjoys sharing her passions with students in the familiar environment.


Noel Castillo

Karah Parks started teaching long before she became a teacher, mentoring other students even when she was still in high school. She recently graduated college and got her teaching certification to return to SPHS and create a fun environment for students to learn. “I love working with students and I love sharing my passion for reading and writing with the students I work with,” Parks said.

Noel Castillo, Features Editor

While many people only go to high school for four years, there are those like Karah Parks who are brave enough to come back after a short hiatus with the noble purpose of teaching young adult generations. 

Teaching has always been a part of Parks’ life through activities like babysitting, directing, or being a camp counselor. However, she didn’t actually know whether she wanted to pursue teaching until her junior year of college. She is now in her second year teaching at SPHS and she continues to achieve her goals with a unique and positive mindset.

“Having to teach virtually and hybrid last year was absolutely insane,” Parks said. “It was a long, crazy year and this year is shaping up to be another crazy one with brand new challenges.” 

Despite unfortunate timing and circumstances regarding global events, Parks has set a precedent for future teachers, not only proving the idea that passion is helpful for success, but that it can also bring out the best in students. She has managed to adapt to new schedule changes frequently and remains unfazed.

“I think Falcon Block is going to be awesome once everyone gets used to it,” Parks said. “It’ll give opportunities to get extra help and participate in clubs without having to stay after school, which eliminates worrying about rides and stressing about having super long days.”

In addition to her positive outlook on Falcon Block, Parks finds working at SPHS in general as enjoyable and hopes to continue to have the opportunity to regularly impact students’ lives.

“Teaching at SPHS is fun because I went here, so I know a lot about the culture and I know a lot of people in the community,” Parks said. “I am also passionate about creating a positive and safe learning environment where all students feel seen and like their ideas are important.”