What You Need to Know about the 2020 Presidential Election

Will President Donald Trump of the Republican Party win and serve a second term in office or will former Vice President, Joe Biden, of the Democratic Party, step into office and change the landscape of America?


Graphic by Myles Quinones

The two parties are head to head this October as they race to the finish line for the Nov. 3 election, locally and nationally. For many seniors, this is the first election they have been eligible to vote.

Nick Carparelli, Editor-In-Chief

The year 2020 has been nothing short of unpredictable and unfortunate. The global pandemic, west coast wildfires, the Black Lives Matter movement and much more have defined this year like no other. In a way, you can say 2020 has been one of the most historical and controversial years in recent history. Now with the presidential election coming up in November and some high school students voting for the first time, it is important to know what each political candidate’s views are on certain topics that are relevant to this country, such as Covid-19 response, immigration, gun violence and abortion. 

Covid-19 response

To combat the pandemic, according to the Washington Post, Joe Biden has proposed a comprehensive plan that would provide “free public testing and rapid deployment of supplies, as well as economic measures such as emergency paid leave and the creation of a state and local emergency fund.” Additionally, his plan would provide resources for food relief and remote student learning. He sides with “science, not fiction and fear,” and predicted in January 2020 “the outbreak of a new coronavirus… [that would] get worse before it gets better.” On the other side, President Trump is rejecting science and the realities of the pandemic, and failing to prepare the country for the virus. Instead, he has complained that “Democrats are politicizing the coronavirus,” and ordered Senate Republicans “to toughen up or they’ll lose in November.” With more than 51 million Americans out of work, including almost 1 million educators, and over 200,000 virus-related deaths, Trump believes that COVID will “go away. Things go away. No question in my mind that it will go away,” Trump said. 


If elected, Biden has vowed to send legislation to Congress on his first day to provide a “roadmap for citizenship for 11 million undocumented immigrants who contribute so much to this country.” According to CBS News, he also would immediately strengthen protections for Dreamers, prioritize reuniting separated families, and reverse travel bans designed to target primarily black and brown immigrants. According to Biden, “the challenges we face will not be solved by building a wall, separating families and denying asylum to people fleeing persecution and violence”. Instead, Biden supports bringing our nation together. President Trump, on the other hand, wants to ensure the safety and prosperity of all Americans. According to the Washington Post, Trump supports immigration policies that restore the rule of law and secure our border. He remains unabashedly committed to constructing a border wall and ensuring the swift removal of unlawful entrants, ending chain migration, eliminating the Visa Lottery, and moving the country to a merit-based entry system. True to his word, his administration has detained children in cages and separated families. He has expanded the use of detention, limited access to asylum, enhanced enforcement along the US-Mexico border, called for a crackdown on sanctuary cities, and increased budgets for local-federal immigration enforcement cooperation. 

Gun Violence

According to Biden, “I’m so tired about people talking about your prayers. Damn it, we have to protect these kids. We have to do it now.” If elected, Biden would hold gun manufacturers accountable, get weapons of war off our streets, close the hate crime and Charleston loopholes, and prohibit the use of federal funds to arm or train educators to discharge firearms. On the other side, the Trump administration issued an official rule banning bump stocks but has taken no action on background checks or assault weapons. Trump signed into law the STOP School Violence Act and has requested additional funding for school safety measures. However, in an effort to reduce gun violence in schools, Trump also has floated an NRA-endorsed proposal to pay teachers bonuses for carrying weapons. according to the Los Angeles Times


If elected, Joe Biden will continue to uphold the decision of Roe v. Wade giving women the right to privacy and to have a choice with what they do with their bodies. The Trump Administration, according to Planned Parenthood, hopes to overturn Roe v. Wade and make abortion illegal and unconstitutional in all circumstances, while also blurring the lines between church and state. The nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, replacing the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, hopes to make these views a reality. 

Although one presidential debate has already occurred, there is still one more presidential debate scheduled on October 22nd from 9:00pm to 10:30pm Eastern time.  

Election day is on November 3rd. Schools will be closed on that day to allow for in-person voting.