The Thrilling Chess Piece, review of “The Queen’s Gambit”

A series with more to offer than simply a bit of chess playing advice, much, much more.


Sarah Sternhagen

“The Queen’s Gambit” is a Netflix TV series. Starring Anya Taylor-Joy as Beth, a chess player in America 50’s through 60’s. She navigates the chess tournament world during the Cold War, coming across many formidable opponents, but she has a trick up her sleeve and a mind set to win.

Sarah Sternhagen, Staff Writer

Few would assume they wanted to watch a TV show on chess, the game known for stiff boredom and child geniuses, but when you get to see inside the geniuses mind, it becomes an entirely different game. Literally. The Netflix original series “The Queen’s Gambit” is a must see for anyone with an affinity for ambiance, for hypnotic story, and for the love of seeing an underdog rise up.

Following a young orphaned girl as she discovers her love for chess, each episode is swathed in atmospheric touches. From the set pieces, to the silent actions of the actors, even the music adds to the tensity as it builds inside the watcher. You’ll be on the edge of your seat with each episode and gasp in surprise as each twist draws you in.

As you follow Beth (Anya Taylor-Joy)–the main character–through her life you learn more about the chess tournaments in American during the Cold War, and that tension between nations is undoubtedly felt in the players. You’ll find yourself invested in the characters she meets along the way, cheering for them and feeling every loss too.

For anyone with a love for underdogs, Beth is the one to follow, though there are times you’ll be wishing she’d done differently, the victories will feel even better for it. Fighting against the best chess players in the world isn’t easy, after all. 

Even if chess isn’t your forte, this series will be the most fun for you, as you discover an entire new game along with Beth, and watch as a child genius grows to become a great chess player. Little can get past a strategic mind, so don’t let “The Queen’s Gambit” pass by without a watch.